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Whitesnake: “Is This Love”

The Hook: Written with Tina Turner in mind and kept at the suggestion of David Coverdale’s A&R rep.

Album: Whitesnake

Year: 1987

Writers: David Coverdale and John Sykes

Stats: Peaked at number-two on the Billboard Hot 100 and number-13 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Background: “Is This Love” almost wasn’t a Whitesnake song. Singer David Coverdale credits his record company A&R man with getting him to sing it, even though he had some trepidation about doing so.

Whitesnake singer David Coverdale on “Is This Love.” OC:…wedding song. :18

“’Is This Love’ I wrote for Tina Turner. Hats off to John Kalodner. Kalodner said, ‘You should keep this.’ And I was really uncomfortable to do a whole ballad – I’d always done bits [but I’d] get a bit frightened to test the waters of my rock foundation audience and they took to it like ducks to water. And now it’s turned into a bloody wedding song.”

Whitesnake - Is This Love

Music Video Of Whitesnake - Is this love