LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 07: Musician Ringo Starr appears at his "Peace & Love" birthday celebration at Capitol Records on July 7, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

His 19th studio album, Ringo Starr decided to invite a few friends in to help out such as Paul McCartney, Peter Frampton,  Dave Stewart and Joe Walsh, and the results are evident that he was having a great time playing with his friends.

The end result is that it sounds really good for a Ringo album which has not always been the case.  “Laughable”, co-written with Peter Frampton,  feels well crafted to suit Ringo’s  pipes. The “Speed of Sound” is fresh and upbeat, and the blues sounding “Electricity” comes out very well…Ringo certainly over the years has learned how to tell a story in his writing of new songs.

My favorite “Back Off Boogaloo” it is still a gem and so glad he decided to pull a few classics and add into the album mix. This recording saved from a 1971 tape Ringo recorded with the late Marc Bolan is just pure genius.

There is absolutely enough stardom and great songs on this this album to make any Ringo or Beatle fan feel good about more albums in the future.  We all know the former drummer of the biggest band in the world these days is all about peace and love ….but now you can clearly keep Rock and Roll in that statement.

Give More Love is a keeper…Rock It !