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Promotional portrait of the rock band Supertramp, circa 1981. L-R: John Helliwell, Rick Davies, Roger Hodgson, Bob Siebenberg and Dougie Thomson. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Courtesy of Getty Images)

WCSX Classic Cuts

Supertramp: “Give a Little Bit”

The Hook: Oh that — it’s just a little ditty I wrote years ago.

Album: Even in the Quietest Moments…

Year: 1977

Writers: Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson

Stats: Peaked at number-15 on the Billboard Hot 100

The Background: Former Supertramp co-frontman Roger Hodgson says he’s never really known which of his songs would wind up being hits. In the case of “Give a Little Bit,” which he wrote around 1970, but didn’t record until the second half of that decade, what happened was an a bigger surprise.

Former Supertamp co-frontman Roger Hodgson on not knowing which of his songs had hit potential, especially in the case of “Give a Little Bit.” OC:…a song. :14

“I didn’t know ‘Breakfast in America’ or ‘Dreamer’ or ‘The Logical Song’ would become hits later, I didn’t have a clue. ‘Give a Little Bit,” I didn’t even play that for anyone. When I formed Supertramp, I didn’t even play it for the band because it was too simple a song.“