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Pink Floyd: “Money”

The Hook: Roger Waters claims that having his wife at a pottery studio next to his music studio came in handy in creating the song’s signature sound effects.

Album: The Dark Side of the Moon

Year: 1973

Writer: Roger Waters

Stats: Peaked at number-13 on the Billboard Hot 100

Background: Former Pink Floyd singer and bassist Roger Waters tells us he was living in just the right place when he set out to come up with the sound effects you hear on “Money.”

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on how he came up with the sound effects in “Money.” OC:…or something. :23

“My wife then was a potter and she had a pottery studio at the bottom of the garden and I had a little music studio next to it. She had a big metal mixing bowl for mixing up clay, and so I got a microphone out and put it by the mixing bowl and threw a handful of coins in and went, ‘Right, that’s one sound,’ and tossed some paper up and went, ‘Right, that’s another one.’ Then I searched around for a sound of a cash register or something.”