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DETROIT - JANUARY 26: A mural painted along a building next door to the Car Wash Cafe and a vintage Studebaker in the parking lot are seen January 26, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit will host Super Bowl 40 (XL) on February 5. (Photo by Fabrizio Costantini/Getty Images)

There’s a long list of interesting characters who hail from The Mitten State, those unforgettable make-believe personas who have graced the silver screen and even the small screen.

Here’s a look at Thrillist’s most memorable made-up Michiganders..

13. Tia and Tamera
Sister, Sister

12. Jackie Moon

11. Martin Blank
Grosse Pointe Blank

10. Stifler’s Mom
American Pie

9. Eric Draven
The Crow

8. Walt Kowalski
Gran Torino

7. Ash Williams
Evil Dead

6. B-Rabbit
8 Mile

5. Clarence Worley
True Romance

4. Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor
Home Improvement

3. Thomas Magnum
Magnum, P.I.

2. Axel Foley
Beverly Hills Cop

1. RoboCop