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Do you return the shopping cart to the “cart corral” after you put your stuff in the car? If you don’t, this list is for you.

If you don’t put your cart away, there’s probably a lot of other selfish, inconsiderate stuff you do…

There are hundreds of excuses for someone to leave their cart propped up on a grassy median or left between parking spaces, maybe the weather is bad or they are in a rush. Whatever the reason is, there is one thing all of these excuses have in common; it’s all about them.

Putting your cart away shows that you have respect and care for others becasue if you don’t do it an empolyee has to do it for you, it also shows that you have respect for the employees.

Cart Returners Are Disciplined

Returning your cart to the corral shows that you are disciplined and that is a great quality to have as a person, this shows when the person is in the store buying things, People who show discipline have a better shot to not make an impulse buy and if you can show discipline there, you can show it when it comes to returning carts.

Cart Returners are Happier

Returning your cart means you are not a selfish person, which is good becasue selfish people are not happy. When it comes down to it just be a good person and put the carts back.