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Kansas: “Point of Know Return”

The Hook: Written after being inspired by an album title suggestion and a National Geographic show about the voyages of Columbus.

Album: Point of Know Return

Year: 1978

Writers: Steve Walsh, Robby Steinhardt and Phil Ehart

Stats: Peaked at number-28 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background: Former Kansas lead singer and organist Steve Walsh wrote most of “Point of Know Return,” with violinist Robby Steinhardt and drummer Phil Ehart contributing as well. Walsh tells how the song came about.

Former Kansas frontman Steve Walsh on writing “Point of Know Return.” OC:…song about. :28

”Phil Ehart, the drummer, really initiated my writing of that song. He said I think I’ve got a good album name, this was early in the project, Point of Know Return. And I said, ‘Wow, that is pretty cool, y’know,’ and I started thinking about that more and more. So I went home one night and National Geographic was on. It was a story about Columbus discovering America, and how they used to think that there were dragons and stuff out on the water and you were going to fall over the edge and stuff. So that’s exactly what I wrote the song about.”