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Alice Cooper always rocks Detroit!

WCSX Classic Cuts

Alice Cooper: “Under My Wheels”

The Hook: It was “just Detroit rock and roll,” according to Alice, but also just different enough to stand out.

Album: Killer

Year: 1971

Writers: Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Bob Ezrin

Stats: Peaked at number-59 on the Billboard Hot 100

Background: Alice Cooper insists that for him, writing ballads was never all that difficult, it was coming up with a rocker that stood out from the pack that was tough. He says “Under My Wheels” was just offbeat enough to fit that description.

Alice Cooper on “Under My Wheels.” OC:…was different. :24

“’Under My Wheels’ was just Detroit rock and roll, but it had an Alice flavor to it. It had that growl to it – ‘I got you under my wheels.’ You know, it had this, ‘euggh,’ this real greasy kind of feel to it. It was impossible to get away from. That was one of those rock and roll songs that you just couldn’t move away from, it was right in your face. You were moving as soon as it came on, and it was an odd little song if you really look at the construction. It was different.”