17. HELPED: Financial Assistance/ Christmas Help

Merry Christmas to you at the station and everyone! I'm a disabled mom that hasn't been able to work for a few years now and it's frustrating not to be able to Celebrate Christmas or even birthdays, when your whole income goes to bill and the house. Right now I'm behind on rent and bills simply because I had to buy school clothes and supplies. My twin girls are 14 and my son, who's 16, doesn’t ask for much but when it's something as simple as a school sweater and I have to borrow and get only 1 a sweater and the other has to wait, breaks my heart. So my wish is for some help to catch up and to be able to buy them something for Christmas. They're honor students and try so hard. I would love to just be able to say we're going shopping! Please help put a smile on their faces this holiday season. Thanks for caring, Happy Holidays.


Thank you to Mother Waddles for helping with this need.