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Join Erin V from Big Jim’s House on her journey as she works with Michigan Implants & Periodontics to “Make that Gap a Goner!”.

Hey it’s Erin V,

I’ve got to tell you, I’m sick of smiling with my mouth closed. A few years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident and I lost some teeth. Now, I’m sick and tired of my bridge! I’m constantly chewing on mints and I wanted a permanent and real looking replacement so I looked into dental implants.

Dr. Katranji explaining the process, I can’t wait to see the outcome!

Time to make that gap a goner! I’ve done the research, I’ve met with other dentists and I’ve decided that the only place in town that I’m going to trust my smile with is with Dr. Katranji and Dr. Misch at Michigan Implant and Periodontics.

They were the only place that offered me cutting edge 3D imaging which is crucial for placement of dental implants and avoiding nerves, ouch!  Now I want you to follow me on my adventure in fixing my grill. We’re going to be giving you updates at here at Big Jim’s House on, but why don’t YOU make that gap a goner! Call Michigan Implants at (734) 975-1743.