9 Hilarious Thanksgiving TV Episodes

One of the things we're thankful for every Thanksgiving is all of the awesome Turkey Day-themed episodes of our favorite TV shows, both past and present. Here's a collection of some of our favorites! 


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Uncle Phil hurts his back so Will takes him to a massage parlor, but it’s actually a “massage parlor,” if you know what we mean. This scene of Uncle Phil and Will in jail is priceless. (“Tiny onions!”)

Uncle Phil and Will in jail

Season 6, Episode There's the rub Warner Bros. Entertainment.



Nothing like a good old-fashioned food fight. Glad no one aimed any food at Ted Danson’s hair!

Cheers Thanksgiving Gathering

The funniest Thanksgiving moments on TV ever!



Since there was a Thanksgiving episode in every season of Friends, this was a difficult one to pick, but we went with the episode from the series’ fifth season. This episode is full of flashbacks and provides a lot of backstory and reveals the reason that led to Monica’s weight loss.

Friends - HD - Thanksgiving Flashback - Monica and Rachel

Thanksgiving flashback at the Geller house. Like and subscribe! © Warner Bros. Television 1994-2004. This audio-visual content is administered by: Warner Bros. Entertainment.