CSX Classic Cuts

“Souvenirs” by Dan Fogelberg, “Two Rivers” by Jeff Beck, “County Fair” by Joe Walsh, “Old Laughin’ Lady” by Neil Young, “The Mission Theme” by John Williams (NBC Theme Song, but in its entirety) & “At The River” by Groove Armada

WCSX Classic Cuts

Joe Walsh: “Life’s Been Good”

The Hook: It wasn’t a joke, it was a statement about how silly rock stars’ lifestyles are.

Album: First issued on the FM soundtrack and very soon after on Walsh’s own But Seriously, Folks…

Year: 1978

Writer: Joe Walsh

Stats: Walsh’s biggest solo hit, it peaked at number-12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background: Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh says he thinks most people missed the point he was trying to make with his biggest solo hit, “Life’s Been Good.”

Joe Walsh on what he was trying to say with “Life’s Been Good.” OC:…deadly serious. :30

“I was making a statement on how extravagantly silly someone in my position’s lifestyle is. And I was screaming through my music, ‘Don’t judge this as something in terms of identity. All you young kids, don’t identify with this, it’s not as extravagant as it appears, it’s really kind of stupid.’ ‘Cause it is. And it went right over everybody’s head, and everybody says, ‘Oh, Joe, you’re so funny.’ And I am funny. I can be deadly funny or deadly serious.”