Okay Mom and Dad – what do you think about this? It’s a FAKE surveillance camera that “linked” to Santa so he can keep an eye on you 24/7. Good or bad idea? (nothing like teaching kids about security cameras at an early age).


Some parents think it’s a brilliant idea – one mom wrote on HuffPost UK Parents Facebook page: “We’ve got one, I ain’t gonna lie! No more messing around at bed time. Santa’s watching.”

However, many don’t agree with it.

“Horrible idea,” one mum wrote. “My five-year-old has already been in tears because a friend of hers got in trouble at school and she was afraid he wouldn’t get any presents when it’s Christmas.

 “She gets presents because I love her, not because she meets some impossible standard of perfect behaviour.”

Another mum wrote: “[This is] just controlling your children through fear and disappointment. What happens if they don’t behave, do they actually not get presents?

“What are you going to use to control their behaviour after Christmas? I was furious when my daughter’s (reception) teacher had one in class last year – should not be necessary.

“Also why take the magic out of Christmas?”

One mum said she was tempted to get one, but then had reservations: “I had second thoughts and I concluded that it is a bit cruel, and borderline creepy, to need to go to the extreme of making your child think they are on Santa’s watch 24/7.”

Agreeing, another mum commented: “These are awful, it’s such an invasion of privacy and a lack of trust in our children. I want my children to behave because they know right from wrong and are respectful and kind, not because they think Santa’s watching and they want presents.”