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We have all had those moments, walking into the wrong building or getting into the wrong car but most of the time we are at least in the right city…

What originally was thought to be a breaking-and-entering incident in progress turned out to be a intoxicated man who thought he was home. Police were told the man broke into an apartment complex and was on a couch. When police got there a man was standing near the rear door.

After being handcuffed while walking to the patrol car the man told officers…

“I think I made a big mistake,” he told the officer. “I was out drinking with friends and I ended up here and tried to get into my place. Apparently this isn’t it.”

He then told the officer his address, which is in Lincoln Park.

The man voluntarily submitted to a preliminary breath test. The result showed a blood-alcohol level of .20, indicating a high level of intoxication. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.