81. HELPED: Home Repairs

She has had a tough life losing both parents and her brother before graduating high school. For the past several years her body has been slowly giving out. After many tests she has been diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular dystrophy. There is no cure or treatment and gets worse after time. She got married to her longtime boyfriend and bought a house last year and they were going to have to remodel the bathtub area to make it accessible for her disability, but the furnace went and they had to replace that. Now, they don't have the funds to do the bathroom shower project. Taking a shower or bath should be easy but it's not for her, she needs help getting in and out. She is slowly losing her independence with a walk thru, she would be able to have some of her independence back. She is only 25 years old THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for anything you and your listeners can do.

Location: Livonia

Thank you to Mother Waddles for helping with this need.