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Van Halen: “Jamie’s Cryin'”

The Hook: David Lee Roth says he has no idea why Jamie was crying in his lyrics, it’s just what the music suggested to him.

Album: Van Halen

Year: 1978

Writers: Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth

Stats: Never charted as a single.

The Background: “Jamie’s Cryin'” from Van Halen’s debut album never charted as a single. But more than 35 years later, it’s still one of their cuts that gets the most radio airplay. We asked David Lee Roth, who wrote the lyrics, just why Jamie was crying.

David Lee Roth answers the question “Why was Jamie crying?” OC:…of ‘em. :14

“I have no idea why Jamie was crying. It just seemed like that’s what the music suggested. When I hear music first, it suggests people and places to me right off the bat and I try and put that into words. Maybe folks will recognize one of ‘em.”