86. HELPED: Financial Assistance

I am an EMT, a prior firefighter, and a mom of 3 kids. While at work 1 day, I came down with a terrible headache and couldn’t see straight or even talk right. I went to the hospital and later that night found out I have a brain aneurysm. That was over 6 months ago. I am fighting to receive ANY benefits from my employer (even 50% of my pay like I’m supposed to). My family already lost a vehicle due to nonpayment, and now will be without a house in a few weeks. I went to court and have a judgement to pay $8500 or be evicted. I know that is a lot of money, but I would have nowhere to go! Because I am technically employed, DHS won't help and I don't qualify for other agencies help. I fall right in a loophole that no one can help me, and I am not getting paid.
I am used to being the one helping others, but I have now learned sometimes you have to put your pride aside, and ask your brothers/sisters for help. I CANNOT lose my home, especially around Christmas, and I am praying there is help for me out there in my time of need. My kids want to know if Santa will still come and it breaks my heart. Thank you.

Location: Taylor

Thank you to Mother Waddles for helping with this need.