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Like Neil Young, Eric Clapton also suffers from tinnitus, which he says is likely due to his loud playing with Cream.

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Eric Clapton: “Tears in Heaven”

The Hook: Eric cleared the studio of everyone but the producer, engineer and the song’s co-writer when recording his part.

Album: Rush soundtrack album

Year: 1992

Writers: Eric Clapton and Will Jennings

Stats: Peaked at number-two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background: Eric Clapton co-wrote “Tears in Heaven” with Will Jennings for the soundtrack of the 1991 movie Rush. Jennings was at the recording session for the song, which was produced by Russ Titelman at the Village Recorder in L.A. He recalls how intense the session was.

Will Jennings, who co-wrote “Tears in Heaven” with Eric Clapton, on the intensity of Eric’s recording session for the song. OC:…he sang. :26

“He wanted everybody out of the room except the engineer and Russ Titelman and me. And so you had the director of the film and the music co-ordinator trying to put their ear against the door. You know, he just wanted to really go into himself and you don’t like to open your insides to a room full of spectators. We were just very quiet in the studio and he was there and it was dark. He had the lights off and he was playing guitar as he sang.”