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392279 01: (FILE PHOTO) Beatles guitarist and singer George Harrison performs December 3, 1963 during a concert. It was reported November 8, 2001 that Harrison is undergoing cancer treatment in a Staten Island, N.Y., hospital. Harrison, 58, died in Los Angeles after a long battle against cancer, a family friend said November 30, 2001. (Photo by Getty Images)

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George Harrison: “All Things Must Pass”

The Hook: Thought to be about the demise of The Beatles, George called a “very philosophical thing.”.

Year: 1970

Writer: George Harrison

Stats: Never released as a single, it continues to be played on classic rock radio.

Background: George Harrison titled his first post-Beatles solo release after “All Things Must Pass,” a song he’d written while he was a Beatle and actually demoed at Abbey Road on his 26th birthday in 1969. He spoke about the song for an electronic press kit when the album’s 30th anniversary edition was released in 2001.

George Harrison on the song “All Things Must Pass.” OC:…all evening. :13

“The whole idea of, well, ‘All Things Must Pass’ is a very philosophical thing, y’know. Sunrise doesn’t last all morning and a cloudburst doesn’t last all day and a sunset doesn’t last all evening.”

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - Lyrics

ALL THINGS MUST PASS - The title track from GEORGE HARRISON's brilliant 1970 album.