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Deep Purple joined Alice Cooper at DTE on September 3 as a part of their farewell tour.

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Deep Purple: “Perfect Strangers”

The Hook: Bassist Roger Glover says he’s really proud to have been involved in a song he feels is “completely original.”

Album: Perfect Strangers

Year: 1984

Writers: Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan and Roger Glover

Stats: Peaked at number-12 on Billboard’s Top Rock Tracks chart.

Background: Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover tells us that the roots of “Perfect Strangers” date back to long before it became the title track to the band’s 1984 reunion album.

Longtime Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover on “Perfect Strangers.” OC:…really proud. :25

“’Perfect Strangers’ was a riff we had for a long time. It’s Ritchie’s riff. It’s one of those riffs that we loved playing, but we didn’t know where it was going to go. We couldn’t write a song over it until the reunion, when we started jamming. Ritchie came up with a few chords, and Ritchie’s got this knack of doing things that you don’t quite expect. Well, ‘Perfect Strangers’ is one of those things. It’s an arrangement that is completely original. It doesn’t sound like any other song. It’s unique, and to have been part of a unique song like that makes me feel really proud.”