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NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 28: Bruce Springsteen performs onstage at Madison Square Garden on March 28, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

WCSX Classic Cuts

Bruce Springsteen: “Prove It All Night”

The Hook: The Big Man felt that you’ve got to keep proving that you’ve got it every day of your life.

Album: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Year: 1978

Writer: Bruce Springsteen

Stats: Peaked at number-33 on theBillboard Hot 100, but a staple at album rock radio.

Background: In a 1995 interview, the late Clarence Clemons told us that what made “Prove It All Night” really stand out from other songs of that time was not so much its music, but its message.

In a 1995 interview, the late Clarence Clemons on “Prove It All Night.” OC:…in man. :20

“It kind of fits that whole era that these songs came out of. You got to prove it all night, either you’re married, you got kids, whatever. There’s never a time you can say, ‘OK, that’s it, I’m gonna stop.’ You gotta do it here. You gotta do it there. You gotta do it everywhere. ‘Cause everybody wants the best. Everybody wants everything, you know. So you just can’t stop. You just gotta keep puttin’ it in, man.”