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Aerosmith: “Lightning Strikes”

The Hook: Bassist Tom Hamilton fondly remembers the strange video for the single from Aerosmith’s only album without Joe Perry and Brad Whitford.

Album: Rock in a Hard Place

Year: 1982

Writers: Steven Tyler, Jimmy Crespo and Richard Supa

Stats: Peaked at number-21 on Billboard’s Top Rock Tracks chart.

Background: Aerosmith released its only album without Joe Perry and Brad Whitford 35 years ago today. Bassist Tom Hamilton recalls the video for the single “Lightning Strikes” as an interesting artifact from a difficult period in the band’s history.

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton on why the video for “Lightning Strikes” stands out for him. OC:…melons man. :20

“Things were pretty much down at the bottom at that point, but we needed a video for one of the songs on Rock in a Hard Place. We had about twenty-five cents to do a video, we managed to crank one out. We needed a metaphor for violence, so that became exploding melons. I thought that was pretty cool, but all my friends would come up to me and say, ‘What the hell’s going on with those melons, man?’”