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Electric Light Orchestra: “Strange Magic”

The Hook: Original drummer Bev Bevan recalls a couple sending the group a piece of wedding cake after they’d walked down the aisle to the song.

Album: Face the Music

Year: 1975

Writer: Jeff Lynne

Stats: Peaked at number-14 on the Billboard Hot 100

Background: Electric Light Orchestra’s original drummer Bev Bevan says what comes to his mind when he hears “Strange Magic” is how it affected a couple of people he didn’t even know.

Original Electric Light Orchestra drummer Bev Bevan on “Strange Magic.” OC:…life forever. :17

“It’s a very pretty Jeff Lynne song, really. I remember what I thought was really, really nice was a couple from I don’t know where, I think in Ohio or somewhere — anyway, they sent us all these wedding photos and like a piece of wedding cake and stuff like that. And that was the piece of music that they had to walk up the aisle, ‘Strange Magic.’ I thought it was really nice that the song’s going to affect their lives forever.”