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Return of the Irish High School Ghost

Remember the video of the possible ghost in a high school in Ireland, well now it is back with an even stranger video!


Here is the new video that shows things being taken off locker tops, signs flying off the wall and more!

NEW GHOST caught on camera?

Haunting or Hoax?More CCTV from Deerpark CBS, the most haunted school in the world? Video captured on 26th October 2017.

Here is the original video:

A security camera at a school in Ireland filmed several strange events that have people thinking a ghost is on the loose.  A door opens and closes, a stack of lockers rock back and forth, a single locker flies open . . . and a folding "caution" sign suddenly collapses.

The school principal claims it's legit.

Ghost caught on camera?

Prank or poltergeist? CCTV footage from Deerpark CBS, the oldest (and most haunted!!!!?) school on the south side of Cork City.