Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Boston Underwater

A massive winter storm ripped through the East Coast yesterday and Boston got hit hard by winter floods...

As the "Bomb Cyclone" tore through the East Coast yesterday, the streets of Boston became running rivers of Ocean water..Check out these videos.

Scott Haavisto on Twitter

Ummmm ???? #BombCyclone #Boston #Seaport

Shannon Delaney on Twitter

My friend just sent me this video. She's currently stuck in her office building in #Boston due to flooding. She says people are being rescued by boats. #FOX35 #WinterStormGrayson #cyclonebomb

kelkelly on Twitter

Look at this video outside our window of flooding in #Boston historic #FortPoint #Seaport neighborhood that is causing big dumpsters to float down the street. #blizzard2018 @CNN @WCVB