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When Zeppelin Met Elvis

Today is Jimmy Page's 74th birthday and in honor of him and the rest of Led Zeppelin a guy named George Smith pulled together a great video of Page explaining what it was like meeting Elvis for the first time...

In May 1974, the company offered complimentary tickets to Zeppelin for Elvis' gig at the LA Inglewood Forum, with the possibility of meeting him afterwards.

The group were huge Elvis admirers and the three members gladly accepted along with their infamous manager, Peter Grant.

It was what Elvis did during the show that almost made Page cry..

When Zeppelin met Elvis: May 1974

The two most popular and successful live acts of the 1970s were Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin, who played to capacity crowds night after night. Coincidentally, both were handled by Concerts West, one of the biggest tour promoters in America.