The 11 Foot 8 Bridge

There is a bridge in Durham, NC and at the time it was built, there were no standards for minimum clearance, this has caused a lot of problems for truck drivers...

The Bridge that is used for trains is over 100 years old so obviously they didn't take into account the size of the trucks we have now. Resident's say at least once a month you will see a truck get completely taken out by the bridge.

This has become such a well known thing that many people have taken to YouTube to show the damage this bridge causes.

The Definitive 11Foot8 Bridge Crash Compilation

A 10 minute compilation of all crashes uploaded between 2008 and 2016 by, copyright Jürgen Henn FAQ What is the location of the 11foot8 bridge? 201 Gregson St in Durham, NC (intersection with Peabody St) Why is the bridge so low? This train trestle is about 100 years old.