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WCSX Classic Cuts : Same Old Song and Dance

WCSX Classic Cuts

Aerosmith: "Same Old Song and Dance"

The Hook: A favorite of the hardcore fans.

Album: Get Your Wings

Year: 1974

Writers: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

Stats: The first single off their second album, it didn't make the pop charts -- nor did the album's second and third singles -- but it became a rock radio staple.

Background: Although Aerosmith don't always perform "Same Old Song and Dance," it's never been away from their setlist for too long during the past 39 years. Joe Perry says that's because it's so important to a certain segment of the band's fans.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry on “Same Old Song and Dance.” OC:…play it. :23

“It defines a lot of people’s vision of what this band is all about. There’s people out there who would take ‘Same Old Song and Dance’ and they’d say, ‘That’s what Aerosmith is.’ We play that song a lot and you can really see the reaction of the hard core fans that are into that era, because you get this feeling of appreciation in the audience. They’re really glad that you’re paying attention not only to that song, but to their hope that you play it.”

Aerosmith - Same Old Song And Dance (Lyrics)

No copyright intended Lyrics: get yourself cooler, lay yourself low coincidental murder, with nothing to show with the judge, constipation will go to his head and his wife's aggravation, you're soon enough dead it's the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend it's the same old story,