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The Police: “So Lonely”

The Hook: An odd coincidence helps give The Police their big break in their homeland.

Album: Outlandos d’Amour

Year: 1978

Writers: Sting

Stats: Never a single in the U.S. Reached number-6 in the U.K. when it was re-released in 1980.

Background: The Police got their start in the U.K., but weren’t a hit at first. Drummer Stewart Copeland explains how recording the song “So Lonely” unexpectedly gave them their big break there.

Police drummer Stewart Copeland on how “So Lonely” ended up giving the band their big break in Britain. OC:…us airplay. :26

“It so happened that the prime newsreader on the BBC in those days was a woman called Sue Lawley, and it was her birthday. And some wag at the BBC decided that this track by The Police called (sings) “So Lonely” was her birthday song, and so they played it all day. And in fact, the response that they got to the song meant that BBC Radio picked it up, and they started playing it. So we got our big break because (sings) “So Lonely” sounded sorta like the name of this famous newsreader and got us airplay.”