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WCSX Classic Cuts : The Bitch Is Back

WCSX Classic Cuts

Elton John: "The Bitch Is Back"

The Hook: Elton: "Don't Look at me."

Album: Caribou

Year: 1974

Writer: Elton John and Bernie Taupin

Stats: The second single off Caribou, it peaked at number-4 on the Billboard Hot 100

The Background: Taupin may have had someone specific in mind when he wrote the lyrics, but Elton insists it wasn't him.

Elton John on whether “The Bitch Is Back” is about him. OC:…there wasn’t. :10

”No absolutely not. I don’t think we’ve ever written a personal song about anybody. There’s no sort of second meaning to ‘The Bitch Is Back’ at all. Maybe I’m wrong, you’d have to ask Taupin, but I’m sure there wasn’t.”

Elton John-The Bitch Is Back

One of Elton John's best hard rock cuts, This song was banned on several radio stations, in the United States and elsewhere, due to the use of the word "bitch".SERIOUSLY!!!! I DONT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS!!!