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WCSX Classic Cuts : Tuesday Afternoon

WCSX Classic Cuts

The Moody Blues: "Tuesday Afternoon"

The Hook: Actually written on a Tuesday afternoon as part of a day-in-the-life album concept.

Album: Days of Future Passed

Year: 1967

Writer: Justin Hayward

Stats: Peaked at number-24 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background: "Tuesday Afternoon" was the second single from Days of Future Passed, the orchestrated concept album that marked the debut of The Moody Blues' new lead singer and main songwriter, Justin Hayward. He tells why he wrote the song.

Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward on how “Tuesday Afternoon” was written to be part of a concept album. OC:…of England. :24

“‘Tuesday Afternoon’ was literally written as part of the periods in the day of the life of one guy that was expressed on the album Days of Future Passed. And it was also in terms of the lifetime of one person, from inception right through to old agae and the final curtain, you know, right at the end. And ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ was written on a lovely summer’s Tuesday afternoon , sitting in the middle of a field near my home in the west of England.”

Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (1970)

The Moody Blues sing Tuesday Afternoon (1970)