Cop Doesn't Know How to Ride Segway

A video went viral of some cops in Idaho trying out their department's new Segway. And they have NO idea how to use it. It starts with one cop crashing into a table. Then another cop gets on and immediately bites it too. But the best part is the person laughing in the background. One of the cops in the video told the local news they've finally figured out how to ride it. And when they realized how funny it was, they had to post it online.

ORIGINAL Hilarious video shows Rexburg Idaho police Segway training ending in a crash

REXBURG - Several officers from the Rexburg Police Department recently learned that riding a Segway isn't as easy as it looks. At the beginning of the video above, Chief Shane Turman tries to control the two-wheeled motorized personal vehicle. After being jerked around, he slams into a chair and hops off.