Erin's Snow Shovel Update

So on Monday morning, Erin V. woke up to find her snow shovel had been stolen from her back porch. Big Jim and Erin discussed the theft on the show, and then Erin received a ransom message on Monday.

The message read. Give us a McChicken and we will return your shovel. Follow these instructions and no one gets hurt. (Notice how the shovel is duct taped)


On Tuesday 3/13/18, the ransom messages continued....Erin received this message regarding her shovel:

He's now a door stop in Waterford. Don't try to find him we are moving around . Lol ????

Erin's shovel, now has a face.
Update: 3-15-18

Last night Erin came home from work, and guess what was on the deck? Her shovel.

Erin and her husband have no idea where it went or who took it. There are theories:
A. The neighbor borrowed it, heard us talking about it and returned it.
B. Whoever stole it felt guilty and brought it back.
C. Thieves listen to "Big Jim's House"