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There’s a certain anxiety when you test drive a vehicle in bad weather. First off, it’s not yours (unless GM wants to change their minds and give it back) and then you hope and pray none of your peers find out what happened IF you dent it.

We were getting ready for our annual  “snowmaggedon” storm to come rolling through — and I was getting nervous. Would my old 4WD pickup truck make it through the foot of snow? Should I be driving in this mess? Why DID the Lions draft Eric Ebron?

Then the great white rhino was delivered, and all my worries were put to rest.

Look at this beast. Just look at it! 6.2 liter V8 with 420hp and 460 lb-ft of torque, 10 speed automatic, all wheel drive and performance-calibrated Magnetic Ride Control. Summit white paint with the RST edition wheels (22” with black – beautiful).


Okay, not exactly breaking news that the Tahoe is nice. We’ve known that. But to be honest I never realized the completeness of this platform until I drove one in a blizzard. Seriously.


You get a sense of confidence when you slip in behind the wheel and melt into the leather seat. I’m a 6’5” gorilla and the Tahoe felt like a comfortable den on wheels (suggestion, optional fireplace and slippers…it’s that cozy).


Heading out onto the road with snow blowing sideways and layers of slush and ice underneath, I wondered how the GWR (Great White Rhino) would react. No need to worry, forging forward like General Patton through the snow I came to realize quickly that this 5,600 lb beast not only had the power to get through the snow…but the responsiveness of the steering and AWD system never wavered – regardless of the driving environment.

Here’s what I know about the 2018 Tahoe RST edition. Get it. You’re going to love it — get the Borla exhaust system (made the Great White Rhino sound even tougher). Get it for the 3 rows of seating, get it for the power under the hood, get it for the AWD system and absolute fun driving it, get it for an infotainment system that just works, get it for all the bells and whistles. Bottom line. The 2018 Tahoe RST Edition is a beast…in the best way possible. click here for more info from Chevrolet


2018 Tahoe RST Edition with 6.2L Performance Package


Price as tested: $78,450.00

Fuel economy: 17mpg combined