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Both of the people in this relationship were clearly living in some kind of fantasy world . . . and that became a LIFE-OR-DEATH problem…

A guy in Washington says he got so obsessed with video games that he started neglecting his girlfriend’s sexual needs.  But she thought he was cheating on her . . . so earlier this month, she STABBED him with a SAMURAI SWORD.  He survived, and now she’s being held in jail for attempted murder.

Emily had a different take.  She was pretty sure he was cheating on her.  And she says she found Tinder on his phone and a red hair in their drain.  Her hair is dyed green, so it couldn’t have been hers….So a few weeks ago, she went out, bought a SAMURAI SWORD . . . and then STABBED him in his sleep.

He survived, and now Emily is being held in jail on attempted murder charges.

Alex swears he didn’t cheat, and that he hasn’t had Tinder on his phone since they got together . . . plus it wouldn’t work for him anyway.  Quote, “I’m not a model or 6-foot-3.  Tall dudes slay Tinder.  Everyone knows that.”