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Free: “All Right Now”

The Hook: Its co-writer calls it the “most superficial song we ever did,” but it’s the one we all remember.

Album: Fire and Water

Year: 1970

Writers: Andy Fraser and Paul Rodgers

Stats: Peaked at number-4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Background: Free bassist Andy Fraser says the band didn’t think that much of “All Right Now.” He recalls that learning Island Records was releasing it as a single led them to confront label head Chris Blackwell.

Free bassist Andy Fraser on how the band argued with Island Records president Chris Blackwell over releasing “All Right Now” as a single. OC:…Blackwell win. :21

“It’s a strange song, ‘cause it was the most unlike us. It was the most superficial song we ever did. It was a throwaway. In fact, we tried to talk Island out of releasing it as a single. We really did. ‘Whoa, we said, you can’t be serious. It’s like a two-chord trick with some teenage lyrics in there.’ And it was really a very mature band. This was one of the few arguments we let Blackwell win.”

Free - All Right Now

Title: All Right Now (track 07) Artist: Free Album: Fire and Water Year: 1970 Label: Island, A&M, Polydor Writer(s): Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers Lyrics: There she stood in the street Smiling from her head to her feet I said "Hey, what is this" Now baby, maybe she's in need of