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Apparently we’re all so addicted to our phones that when we go on vacation, we need to pay someone to force us to leave them at home…

There’s a new travel company called Off the Grid, and they sell “phoneless vacation” packages.  When you go on one of their trips, no phones are allowed . . . and apparently, ALL of their vacations sold out almost immediately.

Their trips cost slightly more than what the trips would cost through a normal agency.  Like their eight-day tour of Portugal would be $1,800 for two people, versus $1,700 through a Groupon deal for a similar tour.

But if you don’t have the discipline on vacation to leave your phone at home . . . or stay off of the hotel’s computers to check your work email . . . maybe they’re a good answer.

And a lot of people apparently don’t have that discipline . . . according to a new survey, 16% of people say they could never bring themselves to totally unplug on vacation, and another 43% doubt that they could.