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The incomparable Elton John celebrates his birthday today (March 25), and while it’s difficult to pin-point an exact moment that truly defines his genius, this moment from Inside The Actor’s Studio would surely be at the very least a contender.

During the Q&A portion of the episode, John is asked by one of the students in attendance about what criteria he has to write a melody.  While Sir Elton doesn’t give a definitive answer (he says a lot of melodies he’s written happen by accident), he says he can write a melody to almost anything and asks for a member of the audience to hand him a book.

…And that’s when the magic happens.  If you aren’t blown away by this clip, then frankly, we feel sorry for you.

Genius Sir Elton John shows how he can set music to almost any lyrics

Part of "The Actor's Studio" aired in 2005 View the Complete interview here:

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