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Bank of Ann Arbor plans to celebrate the Michigan men’s basketball team’s trip to the Final Four with a series of billboards across the Ann Arbor area. But one of the Billboards may cause a little controversy…One of the Billboards that the bank plans to put up targets Loyola’s Sister Jean and has a very specific message for her…

Bank of Ann Arbor has announced a series of billboards which will go up around the Ann Arbor area to celebrate the Final Four.

The bank Twitted out a digital version of the sign before it goes up this weekend, and the CEO of the bank hopes it won’t offend people but bring Michigan fans together..

The CEO said:

“I think it brings a smile to people’s face,” he said. “Some people tend to read a little bit more into it, but we’re just trying to bring some levity and by no means offend anyone. It’s all about heaven and hail for ‘Go Blue.'”