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NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 13: (L-R) Musicians Ricky Phillips, James 'JY' Young, and Tommy Shaw of Styx perform in concert at Citi Field on August 13, 2016 in the Brooklyn borough New York City. (Photo 61966-2.1,Referen

WCSX Classic Cuts

Styx: “Come Sail Away”

The Hook: Wanna get away?

Year Released: 1977

Album: The Grand Illusion

Writer: Dennis DeYoung

Stats: Went to number-eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Background: Former singer and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung tells us that he conceived the song following the band’s first-ever performance in Hawaii. Back in Chicago in the dead of winter, DeYoung was thinking that a trip to a tropical paradise sounded like an awfully good way of “escaping from one’s troubles and problems.”

Former Styx singer-keyboardist Dennis De Young on what inspired “Come Sail Away.” OC:…in there. :27

“We’d just played the Crater Festival in Honolulu — first time I was ever in Hawaii — and I was just fascinated and overwhelmed by the beauty. I come from the midwest, and it was a song about escaping from one’s troubles and problems. And I remember writing it in my living room, and we had horrible snow in Chicago ’77-‘8-‘9. It was just ten feet of snow and I was sitting at my piano and remember looking out that window thinking about the beauty of Hawaiian Islands. And that’s why the metaphor of sailing away is in there.”