A Guy Jumps Out of a Boat and Onto a Moose. Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

This moron is going to be charged with harassing wildlife. Good! Idiot! Officials in Canada are looking into a video that shows a moose wading across either a river or a lake. Then a guy jumps off a boat . . . lands on its BACK . . . and RIDES it for about 20 seconds. They think it might be from last summer, but the guy could still face animal harassment charges for it.

(Warning: One of the guys drops an F-bomb 11 seconds in.)

moose rider

EXCELLENT NEWS!!! CHARGED In June 2015 the COS received a public complaint relating to a video posted on social media of a male jumping from a boat onto the back of a moose. The COS identified the lake in the video as, Tuchodi Lakes near the town of Fort Nelson, BC.