HARROGATE, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 04: A TV set is seen in one of the guest bedrooms in Pineheath house on September 4, 2013 in Harrogate, England. The untouched 40-bedroom house belonged to wealthy Indian-born aristocrats Sir Dhunjibhoy and Lady Bomanji, who were well-known figures in British high society at the start of the 20th century and were friends of the Royal Family. Sir Dhunjibhoy was a Bombay-based shipping magnate who also used his wealth to support Britain's war effort against the Nazis which led to him being knighted. Their 12-bathroom mansion in Harrogate was where they spent each autumn after staying at their house in Windsor during the summer and spending the winters in Poona, India. The mansion has been sold in a multi-million pound sale to a local businessman who plans to make it a family home again after Lady Bomanjis' daughter, Mrs Mehroo Jehangir, died in 2012 having not touched it since 1986, when her mother died. (Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

Awesome vintage Detroit TV commercials including Highland Superstores, Waterbed World, Sally Jessy Raphael, Brothers Fine Jewlery and more!

1. “Moonlight Movie” bumper – 0:00
2. Highland Superstores – 0:08
3. ITT Technical Institute – 0:38
4. Rochester Auto Dealers – 1:08
5. Waterbed World – 1:38
6. FLO-WERS (How do you snag that number?) – 2:08
7. R. J. Leeds (Rocky used a side of beef, this champ has a Sealy mattress) – 2:18
8. Maaco (Boy, what a feeling…) – 2:48
9. Brother’s Fine Jewlery – 3:18
10. The GIANT Crestwood Dodge – 3:58
11. The Torch Drive PSA – 4:18
12. American Red Cross PSA – 4:28
13. The Torch Drive PSA – 4:38
14. “Moonlight Movie” bumper – 5:08
15. Lucille’s (bet you this is now a biker bar or a strip club) – 5:20
16. Waterbed World – 5:50
17. Mt. Clements Dodge – 6:20
18. 99 WDTX – 6:50
19. “Sally Jessy Raphael” promo – 7:20