Today (April 22) marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day.

In 1970, the very first Earth Day began as a form of protest against the negative impact industrialization was having on the environment. Today, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide, with 192 countries doing their part.

If every person on Earth did one thing every day to reduce their ecological footprint, our planet would be a lot better off. Check out these 10 simple things you can do to celebrate Earth Day every day!

1 – Fill up a reusable water bottle rather than buying disposable plastic bottles.

2 – Remember the contents of your fridge doesn’t change magically, so quit opening your fridge for no reason.

3 – Unplug any electronics that aren’t being used.

4 – Turn off the TV, you might end up having a good conversation with your family or roommate.

5 – Turn off all the lights and have a candlelit dinner.

6 – Walk or ride your bike to nearby destinations.

7 – Too lazy to walk or ride your bike? Use public transportation or carpool whenever possible.

8 – Bathe instead of shower – you’ll use less water. (Unless you’re an anomaly who takes two minute showers.)

9 – If you prefer to shower, save water by showering with a partner.

10 – Bring your own bags when you shop, but if you must, use paper grocery bags instead of plastic.

Angie Krueger is a journalist who enjoys eating to Classic Rock music. She also enjoys listening to it.