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The Pentucket Workshop Preschool in Massachusetts has just instituted a new rule that has a lot of parents very upset…

The preschool sent home letter’s stating that they’d done “research” about kids using the term “best friend” and found that it might be hurtful to other kids.

A portion of the letter obtained by Boston 25 News read, “It has been our experience (which spans decades) that the use of the term ‘best friend,’ even when used in a loving way, can lead other children to feel excluded […] which can ultimately lead to the formation of ‘cliques’ and ‘outsiders.'”

One mom told the news that she was taking her daughter out of Pentucket Workshop Preschool and putting her in a school where she’s allowed to call people her best friend. “I want her to be able to express her thoughts and feelings in a healthy way, as children should,” the mom said.