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It all started when a 3rd grader from Virginia named Jacqueline emailed the editor of a local paper wanting to gather some items that represented the state of Michigan for her class project…

Big Jim’s House thought it would be a great idea to reach out to listeners for their ideas on what should be in the Michigan box that we wanted to send Jacqueline. You guys came through as always and now Jacqueline has the box and everything that represents this great state!

It all started when a couple of kids were willing to donate some of the Petoskey Stones that they collected over the summer…


After a few weeks of listeners filling up the box, we sent it out to Jacqueline just in time for her class project! Her teacher sent us an awesome email back to tell us house excited Jacqueline was to get her “Michigan box” and sent us photos to prove it!

Dear Ryan, Big Jim, and Erin-
We just received your package from Michigan. OH… MY… GOSH, I cannot tell you how excited Jacqueline was to see all of the super cool items inside the box. I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed by my squeals of delight when I saw the Bob Seger album that you sent for me. HAHA! My students didn’t even know what it was. I had to educate them on what a “record album” is, as well as the “true classics” of American music… GEEZ! 

We also made sure we hooked up her teacher Mrs. Shari who is a massive Classic Rock Fan!


Mrs. Shari then took to Twitter to thank us and the listeners for making this project one to remember!