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Producer Ryan and his girlfriend were out and about yesterday when they saw something they both thought a little odd. We can’t find a “proper” name for what this article of clothing is called, but after doing research, we agree, that “Chinese Butt Pants” is a great name.

Apparently in China there are little kids running around with what basically looks like chaps. Let’s face it changing diapers suck, but would you use this method to potty train your kid? Also, who cleans up the mess?

Being Mooned by China's Toddlers

I have no personal experience on which to base this statement, but I think I can safely say that changing diapers sucks. The invention of the disposable diaper has made the process somewhat less unpleasant, but what if I told you it could be easier still?

What is even more shocking? There is a whole wikipedia page dedicated to these “Chinese Butt Pants”.

Here is the official description:

Open-crotch pants (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: 開襠褲; pinyin: kāidāngkù), also known as open-crotch trousers or split pants, are worn by toddlers throughout mainland China.[1] Often made of thick fabric, they are designed with either an unsewn seam over the buttocks and crotch or a hole over the central buttocks. Both allow children to urinate and defecate without the pants being lowered. The child simply squats, or is held by the parent, eliminating the need for diapers. The sight of the partially exposed buttocks of kaidangku-clad children in public places frequently astonishes foreign visitors, who often photograph them;[2][3] they have been described as being “as much a sign of China as Chairman Mao‘s portrait looming over Tiananmen Square.”[4]

Apparently one person was so shocked by seeing a child wearing these pants, they called the police.

Police Called on Chinese Kid Wearing Open-Crotch Pants in US - chinaSMACK

From NetEase: November 4 report - According to a report by The China Press in the United States, an ethnic Chinese woman in Monterey Park city of the United States took her child for a stroll at the park only to have the police called on her by a white girl.

Remember Spike TV? Well, they caught on to this a long time ago.

chinese crotchless pants for babies

this is just completely crazy!!!!


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