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Def Leppard: “Too Late for Love”

The Hook: For years they wouldn’t include it in a set with Pyromania’s other power ballad, “Foolin’,” but now they’re cool with doing both.

Album: Pyromania

Year: 1983

Writers: Joe Elliott, Steve Clarke, Pete Willis, Rick Savage and Mutt Lange

Stats: Peaked at number-nine on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Background: Two Def Leppard power ballads from the album Pyromania reached the Top 10 on the Billboard rock radio charts. Guitarist Phil Collen explains why, for years, they rarely played both in the same set.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen on performing “Too Late for Love.” OC:…be nice. :27

“This is funny, it’s rare that we would do ‘Foolin’ and ‘Too Late…’ in the same set. We’d do one or the other. But after our Viva! Hysteria experience, and knowing that you can just throw songs out there, we’re actually cool doing them together now. And it actually totally makes sense. I think one of the nights on the Dead Flatbird set, we did do, like, six Pyromania songs in a row, which was really cool, and people, they kinda responded to it. I think at some point, we’re actually gonna do Viva! Pyromania, which would be nice.”