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10th December 1968: British rock group The Who performing at the Rolling Stones' 'Rock And Roll Circus' event, a performance at Internel Studios in Stonebridge Park, Wembley, devised to be filmed for television. (Photo by Mike Lawn/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

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The Who: “Amazing Journey”

The Hook: The song from which the entire concept of Tommy sprang.

Album: Tommy

Year: 1969

Writer: Pete Townshend

Stats: Never released as a single.

Background: The Who’s Tommy was certainly one of the first attempts at a rock opera, and has been adapted into a stage musical, a ballet and a movie, which had its American premiere 40 years ago today (March 18th, 1975). Singer Roger Daltrey says the entire concept grew out of a single song Pete Townshend had written.

Who singer Roger Daltrey on the song that led Pete Townshend to write Tommy. OC:…one song. :28

”It came from the song ‘Amazing Journey,’ which was a thing Pete had about what would it be like to go through life just sensing things through vibrations, rather than the kind of faculties that we’ve all got – our eyes, our hearing and our speech. So he dreamt up this deaf, dumb and blind character, who becomes deaf, dumb and blind through traumatic experience. And he goes through most of his formative years literally sensing every experience through touch and vibrations. And it all grew from that one song.”