Have You Seen Totem?

A member of Marlena Hanlon's family was stolen from a yard in southwest Detroit. The pug-mix dog named "Totem" was seen being taken on surveillance video and Marlena wants her back.
On May 7th in a yard off Hubbard and Porter.  Marlena Hanlon said she arrived home from work to find Totem the dog missing from the yard. You can see the person who took the dog entered Hanlon's gated yard in the surveillance video.

The Abduction of Totem - PLEASE HELP

Dog abduction from our yard on Hubbard 1:48pm on Monday, 5/7/18. This video has been digitally zoomed and so is not as clear as our original recording broadcast on a large screen (given to police). More info and photos are available: detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/laf/d/stolen-dog-pug-mix-brindle/6586966326.html Totem comes to the front of the yard and lies down.

According to witnesses and the video, the person who took "Totem" walked the dog away to an SUV where she had a young, blonde-haired child as a passenger.

For more surveillance footage, there is facebook page.

The Abduction of Totem Crow

The Abduction of Totem Crow. 11 likes · 1 talking about this. Our dog was taken from our yard in Southwest Detroit on Monday, 5/7/18, at 1:36pm. Please see info in video for information about suspects.

Hanlon has been searching for her unique dog, which she estimates would cost near $1,000 from a breeder, and the suspect using social media.  She described "Totem" in a Craig's List Ad. Marlena says, she is about 22 lbs, small but tall. She has an unusual brindle coat with a white heart on the chest and dark snout; she is an obvious pug (I think pug/boxer) mix. SHE IS NOT A PITBULL PUPPY. She is fully grown, about 4 yrs old. If you see her, you won't mistake her for any other dog. She has a MHS tattoo, #803342.

When she is scared, she barks and charges, but runs on challenge. She has never bitten any adult and is very friendly with just a little assurance. She is NOT good with children: I have not known her to bite any, but she reacts to their high energy and has been snappy. This scares kids. Therefore, I am worried that her abductors have already abandoned or hurt her.


If you have any information, you can call Marlena at (313) 414-0083 or email her at [email protected]hicdracones.com