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Jimmy Page has been battling his neighbor fellow singer Robbie Williams for the better part of five years and may be able to breath a little with the latest Town Hall ruling..

Williams wants to build an underground swimming pool and Jimmy page is worried it will ruin the foundation of his London Mansion -the Tower House-, so Jimmy took to the Town Hall.

Page appeared at a planning committee meeting at Kensington Town Hall on Tuesday to tell Councillors: “I’m here to plead that you take all necessary measures to protect the Tower House from the threat of harm it faces.”

A decision over granting planning permission to Williams was deferred and, speaking afterwards, Page said he was “very pleased” at the decision. He added: “I think the deferment was a very good conclusion.”

Page also said: “I’m only the custodian, to pass it on to the next person in the same way I bought it from Richard Harris.”

Photograph: David Mirzoeff/PA


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